All the excitement of back-to-school is building. This is the season, make-or-break time for many in the textbook space. As we all finish up the changes to our sites and we tweak our plans accordingly, many in the industry are thinking “What will the big announcements be?” Hey, they call me the Textbook Guru for a reason, so here is what I foresee:

eBooks: We will see lots of announcements over the next two weeks about updates to digital platforms. Almost every eBook provider I have spoken with is planning new-feature releases prior to back to school. And they are already starting.


Kno Elsevier


Acquisitions: Rumor has it that there will be an acquisition in the textbook space. While I have had this confirmed from a few reliable sources, they have all asked to remain off the record so I can’t say what is being bought and sold.

Rafter Buys Hubedu

Rentals: I expect textbook rentals to continue to be a story in this back-to-school rush. At this point, rental has been around long enough for almost every major player in the space to have a rental program, which makes it a lot different than a few years ago when we only had a handful of players dividing up the rentals pie.

And More . . . The press loves to follow stories. With Chegg making a major push into the college hub and Rafter making waves with their new model, we are sure to see new story lines pop and the press chase as we get into rush.

Is it really news that students spending on textbooks have droped by $12 over 2 years!  Really?

When is rush you ask? Well, if you did already know, here is a chart that I feel represents how the month of August will play out in terms of textbook sales.


Good luck and may your rush business be as hot as the weather this summer!

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3 Responses to Back to School 2012

  1. Hi Jeff, do you have the graph you mention in the last line of this article? Would love to see it.

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