As part of my interview series, I recently interviewed George Cigale, CEO and Founder of, for the Business Entrepreneur website You can catch the full interview here. Here are a few bonus features and facts, things not included in the the publication:

Online tutoring and homework help is a growing business. has been around since 1998, has annual revenue over $15 million, and is profitable. To date, the company has raised over $30 million in venture capital funding and drives most of their revenue from institutional contracts.

One of the more interesting statistics is that the average tutoring session lasts around 25 minutes and every session ends with a survey. George shared that students drive development and features, rate tutors, and dictate what training is necessary. The customers have a voice, share it about 50% of the time, and the company really listens and reacts to what is being said.

A question I like to ask during interviews relates to reading — not which books the interviewee is reading but what industry publications he or she follows. George keeps up with the following:
Whitney Tilson’s School Reform Blog 
GSV Advisors
Democrats for Education Reform
Rick Hess Straight Up for Education Week

Thanks to George for his time and tips. I really enjoyed learning about and the great things George and team have in the works. You can follow George on his blog.

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