Five Last-Chance Summer Destinations for Cash-Strapped Students

For some students, the end of summer is drawing ominously near, internships will be ending in a few weeks, and it’s time to plan a week-long vacation before going back to the busy jumble of activities that is the new school year. The problem with this is the fact that vacationing is a luxury for anyone right now, let alone broke, penny-pinching college students. This is why I’ve compiled a list of 5 fun and affordable summer vacation destinations for college students to see you out this Friday!

1.    Los Angeles, California: While at first, Los Angeles may bring to mind a city of affluence because of places like Beverly Hills, it’s not all like that. Los Angeles has great little beach areas like Venice, downtown Santa Monica, and Hermosa Beach. There are plenty of inexpensive places to stay like the Best Western in Santa Monica, which is a short drive from places like The Getty, which offers free admission.  There are also plenty of tourist attractions in Los Angeles, like Grauman’s Chinese Theater and The Walk of Fame, which can be fun for those of you who are interested in old Hollywood.

2.    Tulum, Mexico: Tulum is near Cancun, but it’s far less expensive. It has interesting things to see, like Mayan ruins. If you feel like some relaxation between visits to the Mayan site and partying in nearby Cancun, you can relax on the gorgeous beaches. Mexico is generally much cheaper than the US, so savings during the trip itself make up for money spent on plane tickets.  There are inexpensive places to stay in Tulum, such as Posada Dos  Ceibas.


3.    Cape Cod, Massachusetts: Most people think of Cape Cod as an affluent area because of people like the Kennedys, who summered in Hyannis, a part of Cape Cod. While Cape Cod has many upscale areas, it has inexpensive restaurants, bars, and shops mixed in. There are many public beaches, which are walking distance to fun shopping and dining areas. There are plenty of inexpensive places to stay, and many families who have summer homes in the area rent their homes to tourists for weeks or days. Many of these homes have private beaches, too!

4.    South Padre Island, Texas: Texas is easily accessible from all over the country, which makes South Padre Island a great summer destination. Beside the gorgeous, warm, Gulf beaches, lodging is generally inexpensive. There are many things to do, such as water activities and dolphin watching, and there’s also great nightlife. Usually thought of as a spring break destination, it will be a little bit less crazy during the summer, so you’ll be able to have fun and relax.

5.    Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica: Puerto Viejo is located by the Caribbean Sea, which makes it a fabulous vacation destination for students who want to go somewhere exotic but can’t quite afford to go to the Caribbean yet. It has gorgeous beaches, great restaurants, cute shops, and amazing surfing. Because of its location on the Caribbean Sea, it has somewhat of a Caribbean feel. It’s a beautiful, relaxing place to stay, and the cost to stay there is extremely low!

All of these places share a few things in common, even though they’re all over the country and world. They’re all beachy, young-feeling, summery, and inexpensive places that you can visit on a budget. Hopefully you’ll get to visit one of the 5 fun and affordable summer vacation destinations!

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