Monthly Archive: August 2011

The Death of International Editions and Follet Sues BookRenter

It’s not that often that I have the chance to follow legal proceedings. I don’t care much for lawyers or being sued and when I read legal documents, I sometimes get confused and annoyed by the jargon that I frustratedly walk away after wishing for a Cliffs Notes version. (more…)

Comparing Prices for the Top Used, New and e-book Retailers

Last week, we launched CampusBooks’ new e-book search service, and with it,findings comparing the availability of the top 1000 textbooks at each of those e-book merchants (see what Mashable had to say about it, too). This week, we took it one step further, and compared what everyone actually cares about: pricing. (more…)

Chegg Addresses Final Pieces to the Puzzle

In March, we speculated how Chegg was in the process of repositioning itself within the market . It seems that Chegg has confirmed our suspicions with a few recent moves. After the purchase of Student of Fortune, the rentals giant began referring to itself as the “Social Educational Platform” and developing a “Social Graph” with students. (more…)

Guru Roundup: Special eTextbooks Rentals Edition

Business Wire: CampusBooks Finds Just 18% of Textbooks Available on Amazon’s Kindle Rental

“ compared pricing data for the top 100 college textbooks against Amazon’s new Kindle Rental service, and found that Kindle Rental often has the best prices, but only 18% of the titles. Renting a Kindle book for the advertised 30-day period yielded the highest savings, often in the double-digits over traditional rental, used and new textbooks, but only five of 100 titles were available for the month-long range. The other 13 titles available had minimum periods of 60 days, and the savings were less. However, if students were to rent via Kindle for a whole semester (120 days), only half of the time was Kindle Rental cheaper than buying and selling a used book . . . ” (more…)

Three Tips for Choosing an E-reader

I’ve talked a lot here about the pitfalls of e-readers, especially as of late with the Amazon Kindle Rental news. But I’m also a firm believer in the move to digital, and the usefulness of these (relatively) new tools–as long as you do it right. I have three big-picture tips here for narrowing down what to look for in an e-reader, and pick the right one for you. (more…)