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Financial Edge: Who Will Dominate The Electronic Textbook Market?

“Two of the biggest book retailers in the U.S., Amazon and Barnes and Noble, both offer electronic textbook rentals. The service doesn’t always offer cost savings compared to purchasing a traditional textbook, but it does offer convenience. If you’re not sure where to shop, consider how the two companies compare on pricing, rental terms, portability and other factors . . .” Plastic Logic 100 eReader offers a shatterproof way to replace textbooks

“Being a textbook can be tough. It’s a hard knock life getting chucked into backpacks and lockers, after all. It’s also tough being a kid that has to lug around 20 pounds of assorted books all day long while trudging up and down the stairs (or around campus) at school. The dead-tree drudgery could soon be at an end, however, if the Plastic Logic 100 eReader catches on . . .”

Publishers Weekly: Ukazoo Books to Quadruple Number of Stores

“It’s not only Books-A-Million that is benefiting from empty Borders locations with fixtures in place. On Tuesday online third-party bookseller Ukazoo Books signed a lease for a former Borders Express store in Southgate, Mich. It plans to close on a second Borders Express in the Philadelphia area and will open a new store in its Toledo, Oh., warehouse, according to Edward Whitfill, general manager for the retail stores. Ukazoo, which was founded a decade ago by brothers Jack and Seth Revelle to sell their college textbooks, opened its first bricks-and-mortar store in the Baltimore suburb of Towson four years ago. Taken together, the new stores will quadruple its on-the-ground presence . . .”

MarketWire: Flat World Knowledge Doubles Growth, Outpaces Digital Textbook Trend

“Flat World Knowledge, the largest commercial publisher of free and open college textbooks, today announced 7 out of 10 of its student users will be consuming digital textbooks during the new academic year that begins this month, far ahead of the industry curve. The publisher also announced that the overall number of students using its textbooks has doubled, compared to last year. For the 2011/2012 school year, 300,000 students at more than 2,000 colleges are expected to access its textbooks across a wide spectrum of digital and print formats . . .”

BusinessWire: Inkling Launches Version 2.0, Brings the Collective Wisdom of Every Student to the Textbook

“Students often say they learn more from each other than from their textbook. But what if students could tap into the knowledge of their peers from right inside their book? Today, Inkling, the leading platform for interactive learning content on iPad, announced the release of version 2.0 for iPad. Now, each Inkling textbook channels the collective wisdom of every student who has used it, anywhere in the world. Students can collaborate, search and study more effectively than ever before . . .”

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