Monthly Archive: October 2011

Guru Round Up: This Weeks Industry News

Adaptive Learning Platforms Knewton & Grockit Get Boost to Funding

“Last week, the test prep company Knewton announced that it had raised $33 million, bringing the total amount raised by the company to $54 million. And today, another test prep startup Grockitannounces its latest fundraising: $7 million, bringing its total investment to over $24 million. Clearly there’s big money in test prep. (more…)

Amazon Welcomes Back California Affiliates

In late June, Amazon severed ties with its California affiliates as a result of being unable to come to an agreement with the state about sales-tax collection. The law enacted at this time, Assembly Bill X28 1, required online retailers to collect sales tax where applicable, just as bricks-and-mortar retailers are required to do. This affected some 10,000 sellers registered under the Amazon Affiliate Program. (more…)

College Dorm Survival Guide Pt. 3: The Rules

The transition into dorm life can be a difficult one for many college freshmen. Some simply are not accustomed to taking care of themselves and others go a little crazy without parental supervision. Most freshmen do just fine, but after the allure of being away from your parents wears off and the excitement of dorm life fades, you start to realize that you have an entire year to live in a small dorm room, in a hall full of strangers. (more…)