Secretary of Education Arne Duncan Takes on Twitter in Interview

This past week Secretary of Education Arne Duncan took on the questions of the Twitterverse during the #AskArne Twitter Town Hall interview. Journalist John Merrow moderated the interview, fielding questions from Twitter on the subjects of teachers, charters, school choice and student debt.


Here are some of the highlights of what Arne had to say.

On Charter Schools:
Question – @tbfurman: Has the charter school movement begun to “police itself” – as you asked them to do last July? #AskArne

Response – @usedgov: Arne on charters: I see bad charters being phased out & closed down. There’s more work to be done. #AskArne
@usedgov: Arne: Need a high bar for charter schools. The chance to educate children is a sacred obligation. #AskArne
@usedgov: Duncan: Where charter schools are high-performing, we want to support them. Where they aren’t, they’re part of the problem. #AskArne

On Choice:
Question – @SteveGrose: Mich lawmakers are on a path to increase school choice without requiring improved quality. Is choice a reform model? #askarne

Response – @usedgov: Arne: For choice to work, it has to be choices between quality. #AskArne
@usedgov: Arne: It’s really important to empower parents. If parents are not empowered, I’d have a problem with that. #AskArne

On Student Loan Debt:
Question – @EDSuccess: #AskArne what policies are @usedgov considering to address student loan debt at public and non-profit schools?

Response – @usedgov: Very proud of Obama admin’s progress on student aid, esp direct lending to cut out middlemen banks and put $40B into Pell Grants #AskArne
@usedgov: Find out more about lowering your student loan payments at

On Early Education:
Questions – Stacy Casson: #AskArne When will this country make a serious investment in early childhood education for all children. Proven ROI as seen in Head Start.

Response – @usedgov: Re: early learning, it’s the best investment we can make. And @USEDgov is investing $500M into states for access to quality. #AskArne

You can watch the entire interview here:

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