Monthly Archive: May 2012

California Moves to Create Open Education Resources and Low-Cost Textbooks for Students

As a follow-up to a blog I posted in December , the State of California has just yesterday taken a big step forward in reducing the costs of textbooks. In a vote that was almost unanimous, the California Senate approved two measures aimed to save California college students money when buying textbooks. (more…)

Eduction and the Hispanic Market

If you’re looking at how education is changing and you’re not taking into account the changing makeup of the U.S. population, you’re missing a big piece of the puzzle. The Hispanic/Latino population in the United States is growing rapidly and we are just now starting to understand this demographic as a powerful consumer group with regard to technology, education, media, and more. (more…)

The Textbook Unbound

Over the past two months I have attended a few conferences on the future of education. While I was excited to see the many changes headed our way, one thing bothered me: the burdensome attachment to the textbook. It seems that in education, we can’t get past the notion of the textbook. In its most basic sense, the textbook is a bound product by which a systematic path to education is paved, but isn’t there more in this day and age? (more…)