Akademos Faculty Tool

Have you seen this new tool for textbook adoptions? I caught the release while at a conference about a month ago and didn’t think much about it. Then while on a call, I started looking through the site. The team at Akademos has done a good job of taking information and making it easier to digest and find and thus for instructors to choose and secure their course materials. This is the first adoption tool I have seen that integrates both publisher books and OER content. In addition, Akademos is seeking to build a community platform allowing faculty to provide written and video reviews.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNePk-I7V8c]

The strength of the tool lies in its ability to filter and sort by rating, affordability, adoption popularity, publishing date, and license. While the database includes information from alternative sources such as Flat World Knowledge and OpenStax, it will take a greater effort to include non-complete textbooks that are at the concept level. In the long run, we will no longer look at textbooks as a bound product and actually start to structure curriculum not solely around existing print material considered authoritative but around multiple channels and sources and voices that provide a more-robust course of study.

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