Mitt Romney’s Education Plan

I’m trying not to insert any political views into my posts during this tense build-up to the Presidential election, which is difficult given that education and funding for it and the value and cost of college is a big topic and one where the candidates differ significantly. That said, I will tread lightly but honestly as I would be remiss not to address the Romney education plan as was quietly released in late May.

The big change that the GOP candidate offers in “A Chance for Every Child” is the expansion of parental choice. Other topics include investment in innovation and rewarding teachers for their results instead of their tenure.

This plan is a shift for the Republican party, a shift away from the No Child Left Behind Act, which has widely been considered (by both sides of the aisle) a failed approach to improving education quality and accessibility. And while I do like how Romney offers a plan to attract and retain quality teachers, the overall plan seems a bit of stretch.

As with anything in politics, the plan is designed to show the difference between the two political parties and fuel the larger debate about the role government should have in our lives. As members of the education space, this is a must read for us as it will affect us significantly.

What are your thoughts on his plan?

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