Rafter Purchases HubEdu

Rafter, the new parent company of BookRenter, has announced its first acquisition: HubEdu.com. This addition will expand the suite of tools the company offers bookstores. HubEdu, formerly SwoopThat.com, started as textbook price-comparison tool and quickly transformed into a set of price-comparison, adoption-management, and analytic tools for college bookstores. HubEdu is a direct competitor to Verba Software.

According to a press release regarding the HubEdu acquisition, the Rafter platform will soon offer:

  •  Adoption tools to save faculty time and help students save money by automating adoptions.
  •  Enhanced comparison shopping services to enable stores to monetize the competition and win more business by offering price comparison shopping to their students on their websites and in stores.
  •  More robust pricing and analytics tools to gain insight into market dynamics, with on demand pricing data to help administrators and college stores remain competitive and better manage their suppliers.

This acquisition seems to make a lot of sense in light of the recent rebranding of BookRenter into Rafter and their new mission to provide a single platform for the management of course-material needs for college bookstores. And let us not forget that hubs seem to be where things are headed in the industry. See my recent post on Chegg’s plans to become much more than a rental source.

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