SouthEastern Book Closed?

All signs are pointing to South Easter Book being closed and not reopening for business. Last week the company stated that the site shut down was a mistake and they planned to have it back up and running shortly. In the wake of the Chuck Jones lawsuits it seems that SE Book maybe the victim.

In a response to an earlier story I ran I was contact by a bookseller who claims to have sold a lot of books to SE Books a few months back. He tells the story of needing to send in the books for review before he would get paid. He claims to have mailed in hundreds of book worth over $28,000. Once the books arrived he stated to get the runaround. With some persistence he was able to collect a payment of $9,000 and they promised to pay the remaining money ($19,000) in August.

Following up on his payment this bookseller recently reached out to Scott Wright at SE Book and was told “SouthEastern will be closing next week so we don’t’ know the status of your payment at this time.

I guess we can consider that confirmation. If you know otherwise, share!

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  1. Susan

    I was just checking online to see if anyone knew about this – they recently refused a wholesale shipment from us with no reason. When we tried to call them, their phone number is “invalid”. I guess this means they are gone!

  2. Rachel

    I’ve been trying to call and not getting through. Not responding to my want lists… their website is down too. That stinks for everyone!

    1. thetextbookguru (Post author)

      They are closed. Got it confirmed today by someone who use to work for them.


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