Textbook Guru Interview: Ujjwal Gupta, Co-Founder of BenchPrep.com

As part of my interview series for the business/entrepreneur website MO.com, I recently spoke with Ujjwal Gupta, Co-Founder of BenchPrep.com. Here are a few bonus features and facts not included in the publication:

  • Having recently raised 6 million dollars, the 15-month-old BenchPrep currently has more than 250,000 users.
  • When studying for a test, users will spend on average 9 hours per month within the application and up to 40% of users will buy more than once course (if multiple courses are available).
  • With the new round of capital, BenchPrep is looking to expand their offerings to include CliffsNotes, study guides, and assessment tools. This totally integrated cross-platform allows for connectivity across computer, iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

When asked about his reading list, Ujjwal listed the following sites:

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