Barnes and Noble’s NOOK falls short on sales

It’s looking like a rough year for the bookstore giant Barnes and Noble. Unable to move with the times, their promising E-Reader fails to meet the anticipated sales of the company. According to their recent fiscal-year earnings report, the NOOK dropped 23.4% in sales compared to 2016. This report comes after a series of changes in the executive department of the company, seeing three different CEO’s come and go in only four years.

What’s Wrong With the NOOK?

The reasons behind the NOOK’s poor sales are way beyond the hands of their top managers. For instance, the Amazon Kindle (their primary competitor) continues to be the leading E-Reader in the market. This is due in part to the different options Amazon gives their customers, giving their customers over four different Kindle options to choose from.

Additionally, most e-books are easy to download onto a smartphone or tablet. Hence, this reduces the demand for E-readers with limited capabilities. Perhaps we will see the NOOK redesigned in the upcoming months to match the likes of the Kindle, or unfortunately see it discontinued and forgotten.

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