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Alex Neal has been in the textbook business since 1998 when he founded CampusBooks.com during the height of the dot-com boom. Just a couple of years out of college, Alex recognized at the time that the Internet was the future of business and he began researching Web-based business opportunities. He chose the textbook business because, at the time, online textbooks were an emerging business with virtually no competition, textbooks were expensive and prices historically grew at twice the rate of inflation, Amazon had proved the viability of online book sales, college students were online in far greater numbers than the general population, and textbooks were a required purchase.

Since its inception, CampusBooks.com has grown into one of the leading textbook-shopping websites with millions of students having purchased, rented, and sold books on the site over the last 19 years. On a mission to save students money, Alex and CampusBooks make it easy for students to save money on books by doing the legwork for them. The CampusBooks.com price comparison engine allows students to search dozens of retailers and marketplaces at once — from the leading retailers to book-rental services and international sellers to local bookstores and libraries, ensuring that students make more-informed purchases. Whether it’s online at CampusBooks.com, or on the go through the CampusBooks Android and iPhone apps, saving students money is the first priority.

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  1. Michele

    I do enjoy reading what’s going on in the industry from your unique perspective!! Keep up the good work!

  2. BonitaNut

    Please tell us more about International vs US Edition books for those not familiar between the two, please?
    Thank you.


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