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  2. BonitaNut

    I had NO idea about the International version until yesterday (12.20.14) when I received my textbook:
    Here is the book that I ordered:
    Introducing Communication Theory: Analysis and Application 5th Edition
    By Richard West and Lynn Turner
    Copyright: 2014 Publication Date: Sep 17 2013
    ISBN 10: 0073534285
    ISBN 13: 9780073534282
    Yet, I received the International Version:

    From what I can gather, The Table of Contents/page numbers are EXACTLY the same?
    Do you think I would be ok with using the International edition vs. US edition?

    In your experience, have you found much difference between the International vs US edition books?
    If so, which subjects should I be more cautious with in the future?

    Thank you so much.


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  4. Nicole Rosario

    Recently i noticed a sticker on the back of a McGraw Hill textbook that had a Quark code on it. Other than authenticatication, what other info is stored in it.
    is this Quark code of any use to the seller or student? If yes, how?

    1. pricenetwork (Post author)

      Tough to say. The content originator could embed all sorts of variables and info there. You ask an interesting question in “For whom is this QR code?” Does it give the bookstore info when scanned at checkout? Is it used for inventory purposes in the bookstore (or at the publisher’s warehouse)? Can a buyer scan it at home and get supplemental content? Fascinating stuff!


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