A Textbook Guru Report

Massive Open Online Courses

My search through Open Education Resources is opening my eyes to the quality and quantity of information available. Earlier I discussed the 500 Free Online Course from Top Universities . It’s fair to say that those resources triggered greater curiosity in me and I have started to dig deeper in order to see what other free courses are available and the quality of the listings and content. (more…)

Stats and Facts on Investing in the Education Technology Sector

Ever wonder who’s investing in education? What trends are taking shape and how things changing in terms of financial backing? Well, the world of ed-tech is not nearly as hot as some other industries when it comes to capital and investments, but that’s not to say that it isn’t growing and full of potential. (more…)

Ask the Guru – A Letter From Mom on Buying Textbooks for Her Son

I recently received this inquiry from a parent looking to help her son.

“I’m looking to purchase, lease, or rent books for my son who is in New Jersey but I live in Georgia. My husband and I will put the books on our credit card but how much confusion is this going to cause when we want them sent to him? How long will it take for him to get his books and can he get a discount for good grades? He just graduated from with a degree in Addiction Counseling, now he is re-enrolled in another major so as to increase his employment options. (more…)