Textbook Adoption

Bulk-Purchasing eTextbooks and Moving Around the Bookstore

As reported by The Chronicle’s Wired Campus, a new business model is emerging, one that seeks to deliver eTextbooks directly to students through bulk purchases by schools. Instead of the traditional model by which a professor adopts a book then notifies the bookstore and then the student purchases the book, the new model works directly with the department to sell the school a bulk-license and access to a digital platform. The eBooks broker is Courseload and the publisher in the initial pilot is McGraw-Hill’s education publishing division. (more…)

California Moves to Create Open Education Resources and Low-Cost Textbooks for Students

As a follow-up to a blog I posted in December , the State of California has just yesterday taken a big step forward in reducing the costs of textbooks. In a vote that was almost unanimous, the California Senate approved two measures aimed to save California college students money when buying textbooks. (more…)

Eduction and the Hispanic Market

If you’re looking at how education is changing and you’re not taking into account the changing makeup of the U.S. population, you’re missing a big piece of the puzzle. The Hispanic/Latino population in the United States is growing rapidly and we are just now starting to understand this demographic as a powerful consumer group with regard to technology, education, media, and more. (more…)