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Bulk-Purchasing eTextbooks and Moving Around the Bookstore

As reported by The Chronicle’s Wired Campus, a new business model is emerging, one that seeks to deliver eTextbooks directly to students through bulk purchases by schools. Instead of the traditional model by which a professor adopts a book then notifies the bookstore and then the student purchases the book, the new model works directly with the department to sell the school a bulk-license and access to a digital platform. The eBooks broker is Courseload and the publisher in the initial pilot is McGraw-Hill’s education publishing division. (more…)

SimpleTuition Acquires ValoreBooks

In an acquision that has been largely known for a while, official word finaly will come today to confirm the purchase of by Simple Tuition. SimpleTuition has spent the last year expanding beyond the simple student loan comparison site that it once once. The company now offers credit cards, banking, payback and cost adjusters to help the college student compare financial aid awards and see which schools they can afford. (more…)

Three Thoughts on California’s Digital Textbooks Bill has been following this bill since it was introduced in 2011.  Last week the bill was unanimously approved and has been sent to Governor Jerry Brown’s desk for signature.  Once signed it will be the Nation’s First Open Source Textbook Legislation.  Here are a few thoughts on the bill and why it matters. (more…)

Textbook Guru Interview: George Cigale,

As part of my interview series, I recently interviewed George Cigale, CEO and Founder of, for the Business Entrepreneur website You can catch the full interview here. Here are a few bonus features and facts, things not included in the the publication:

Online tutoring and homework help is a growing business. has been around since 1998, has annual revenue over $15 million, and is profitable. To date, the company has raised over $30 million in venture capital funding and drives most of their revenue from institutional contracts. (more…)

Welcome to the New Textbook Guru!

Thank you to everyone who has made a success. I took some time over the past week to research and invest in upgrading the site. I hope you like the changes and I look forward to adding more content and sharing more industry insights. Your feedback is critical, please continue to share it. Remember that you can keep up with new posts via email (see the sign up on the right), Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter.  If you see a post you like, share it with your friends.


eBook Review: Xplana

Fresh on the heels of our Flatworld Knowledge review, we are taking a look at another innovative textbook platform that is about more than just textbooks. Xplana is a platform launched two years ago by MBS Service Company Inc (a former employer of mine). intended to bridge ‘social networking and traditional elements of student learning to transform the way students manage their academic lives.” (more…)

Who’s Screwing Whom? – The Great Textbook / Bookstore Debate

As we’re in the midst of back-to-school rush, I’m reading some interesting industry-related articles and posts. While many are the standard “how to save on college, dorm decor, food, textbooks, etc.,” types of writings, a few more-detailed (and more honest and daring) posts have caught my attention. I wanted to take a moment to share them with you. (more…)