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College Tuition Continues to Rise

According to a study by the National Center for Education Statistics, average tuition and fees for a full-time undergraduate attending a four-year college increased substantially from 2009/10 to 2011/12. The increase for a public institution was 9% in state and 6% out of state. Nonprofit institutions reported a 4% increase. For-profit institutions reported no change. (more…)

Is College Getting Too Expensive?

There have been a lot of announcements about tuition hikes in the news recently. Since tuition is arguably the single largest expense when going to college, will this mean an undergraduate degree will become too expensive to obtain?

Last year the University of California voted to hike tuition fees for undergraduates by 32%, brining the total fee for undergraduates at UCLA and UC Berkeley to over $10,000 per academic year in 2010. There are already warning signs that tuition could more than double in the fall of 2011.

California is not the only state hiking their tuition fees. In Denver, undergraduate students can expect increases of 9% at Boulder, 7% at Colorado Springs and 9% at Denver.

Illinois is no different, with Eastern Illinois University students expected to pay 5.9% more in tuition, as well as University of Illinois, where the tuition rose by 9.5% for the 2010 school year and is scheduled to rise by an additional 6.9% in the fall.