I’ve talked about the volatility and drop of B&N and B&N Edu stocks. Now it seems like things are about to get even more interesting for stock-holders (not to mention accountants and lawyers).

Today’s News Regarding NYSE:BNED Stock:

  • Srijayanth “Jay” Chakrapani, Vice President & Chief Digital Officer at Barnes & Noble Education, sold 6,500 shares on Friday, March 17. Details are here and that article includes a link to the SEC filing.

Insider trading is a tricky thing for obvious reasons. Sometimes a sale is just a sale; other times a sale is a dump by someone who knows something indicating a downward turn. What this is (and keep in mind that Chakrapani still owns more than 60,000 shares) remains to be seen, but a B&N Edu exec selling one-tenth of his shares on a Friday afternoon when the stock has seen better days is worth a Guru mention.